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Welcome to Baljaffray Parish Church!

We are a busy and active church and you can find us in Bearsden on the northern edge of Glasgow.  We belong to the Church of Scotland, the largest denomination in Scotland, and we are one of its youngest congregations. 

In our worship we seek to meet with God and to deepen our relationship with Him.  Knowing God and worshipping Him is really important to us and we see what we do in church on a Sunday as something that informs and guides us in all areas of life.  Our style of worship is fairly informal.  We seek to understand and think through the message of Bible.  We sing modern and traditional hymns.  We pray for ourselves and for others.  People of all ages play a significant role in our church.  And, because friendship is such an important part of being a church, many of us stay behind after the service to meet with each other over a cup of tea or coffee.

Above all we meet together with an expectation that we will encounter God and that we will hear his voice and feel his presence. If you would like to join us on a Sunday you will be made very welcome!