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98th Glasgow Girls' Brigade

Girls' Brigade LogoHere in Baljaffray the 98th Girls Brigade meets on a Thursday Evening where we aim to provide a constructive programme for girls from Primary 1 to Primary 7, with the older section Secondary S1 - 6 meeting on a Tuesday at Bearsden Cross.

Our aim is to help and encourage girls to a Christian commitment.

This session the Explorer P1 - 3 and Junior P4 - 7 sections are looking at how they can help others.  So with this theme we are supporting Mary’s Meals with their Backpack appeal to help equip poor children in 3rd world countries with the tools they require for school.

Thursday nights are fun packed with games, craft, story telling, baking and many more activities.  The highlight for the girls is our outings whether it be a day trip for the Explorers or weekend camp for Juniors.

Our door is never closed so if you would like to come along we would love to see you on a Thursday.

Explorers  P1 - 3  6.15pm to 7.30pm.
Juniors  P4 - 7   7.00pm to 8.15pm.


Explorer singing

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